“A dreamlike experience.”

Andrea’s sensitive, intuitive approach to coaching has helped me understand and address places where I have been getting stuck my entire life. Andrea has consistently guided me to new insight with a natural style that makes a challenging process fun and energizing. I would highly recommend Andrea’s services if you are looking for a caring and skilled professional.

Karla, Brazilian.

“I can’t wait until next summer!”

Working with Andrea has been a very rewarding experience. As a coach, she has guided and accompanied me through an incredible journey to discover myself. People around me have noticed me more grounded, happy, and aware; allowing me to create stronger and more mature relationships with the people I care most.

Andrea is highly professional. Her personality creates a safe, supporting and empowering space that fosters her clients to fully develop. The variety of tools and resources she has shared with me, are easy to incorporate to my day to day live and have had a positive impact

I’m grateful to have met Andrea. I have and would recommend her as a coach for anyone who wants be the best versions of themselves wherever they go.

Thank you Andrea!!!

Mariana, Mexican

What a wonderful experience to explore yourself deeply and knowing what is in your core. Andrea gives me this opportunity and always finds the way to reach the goals. Having fun in this process and determining what makes you truly happy are priceless, thanks so much Andrea!

Valerie, French


“Everything we wanted and more.”

Thank you so very much! For being my coach for 12 good weeks. Working with you has been extraordinary, I never thought I would gain so much from the coaching session and I was somewhat skeptical.

Your patience, clear communication, commitment to see me succeed was mind blowing, I am still reminiscing on the conversations we had as I look at my notes. I am in enough! I am now more engage in my conversation as I listen. I continue to explore areas in my life that are not my comfort zones, doing it one day at a time as I try new things.

Thank you for being in my life in this season, you have made a huge difference… now I can stop and take it in bit by bit!!

I am very excited about what the future holds, for those who want to engage Andrea for coaching or considering it. It will be the best decision you will make. She will be 101% committed to your success, she will pose thought provoking question and not withhold information that will be beneficial… She is such an amazing lady!

— Joan .K., Kenya




Working with Andrea has helped me to take seriously the possibility of achieving great things in my life. It has also forced me to confront facts about myself and my life that stand in the way of achieving great things. I am psychology and It was great for me to be able to see the other side. This has not been an easy process, but it has certainly been worth it . My coach’s guidance has made me a better, more inspiring person. This process has been a life changing event for me that I would strongly recommend to anyone who wants to have a different perspective of life Her guidance made a huge impact on my life .

Juliana, Brazilian


“Stellar, professional service.”

Working with a life coach is taking care of yourself. Working with Andrea has been very helpful in all areas of my life. Andrea helped me to stop all the negative self talk that i would hear when confronted with daily conflicts. Andrea helped me to put them away so I could move forward and trust my decision making abilities. She really helped me be much more clear with the values in my life that bring me happiness. Thank you Andrea. You are a true Gift!

— DE, German