Moving to a new place, starting a new career and life in a new country, is overwhelming, and at the same time, it’s a great opportunity to start a new chapter of your life! It’s like having a white board, where you can create your new identity, try on new passions and explore new possibilities in your personal and professional life. It may seem like you need to become another person, but actually, you need to become… YOU!

Every WOMAN is the leader of her own life! Think about yourself as a LEADER, a leader of your own life. Someone who takes responsibilities for your own actions to create the life you want for yourself and the people you care about. Leadership starts within, creating self-awareness, knowing who you REALLY are, feeling grounded and confident regardless of where you are. Leadership is not a man at the head of a table, it’s also a woman who is allowing her own voice to guide her life and the lives of those she cares about.

For many reasons, women are living the way that they think they are supposed to be, trying to please everyone (family, husband, kids, colleagues and friends), pretend to be the version of herself who makes everyone happy and living in a skin that is not hers. Women’s Leadership Program is an opportunity to discover your LEADER WITHIN, to embrace who you really are, your most authentic self, feel empowered and discover new possibilities.



This program has the purpose to support you to become the best version of yourself, creating collective support within a safe space to be open, share your true feelings, unblock your barriers and to redesign your story. Also, this is an opportunity to focus on setting your own personal goals, be accountable, and lead your own growth and success. Coaching tools and printed materials will be provided to help you find your own answer and to transform your goals into measurable actions.






Discover Yourself

Be aware of who you are in your core is the key to start creating the life you want for yourself. It guides us to become more authentic to ourselves and align us to understand what is truly important in our lives.

Discover your Story

Become the protagonist of your own story, discovering your purpose and creating a vision of what you want to create for yourself. Knowing your “why”, makes you feel more empowered and fulfilled with yourself.

Discover your Super Power

Become stronger than your “gremlins” and discover how to get rid of what are holding you back to play and dream big in your life and career.

Discover your next steps

Create your ‘road map” to design your next steps to achieve your goals, and taking actions to create a balanced and fulfilled life on your terms.



- 6 Group Coaching Sessions (75 minutes) bi-weekly starting the second week of September 2019 for three months

- A completely safe and confidential space, where you can be comfortable to share about yourself, breaking down limit’s beliefs, feeling more confident and empowered!

- 2 individual coaching session in between the program with me giving you full attention and exclusivity to work on your deepest desire and goals


  • 90 days game plan tailored for you!

  • Exclusive access to me via text and email for our 3 months together

  • Unlimited coaching tools and resources to discover your authentic self and to create the life you want for yourself!

Starting September 20th, 2019

$139 for your first month’s payment is required to secure your spot.

The Women’s Leadership Program requires three monthly payments of $139.