work as a coach focuses on helping you discover your greatest potential and create meaning in your own life. Based on my experience being abroad for 18 years as an expat, my HR background and being a Certified Professional Coach with the International Coach Federation, I help clients create a positive personal and professional impact regardless of where they live or work.


Personal Coaching

Designed to support you through this transition and give you direction while establishing goals and focus to:

  • Rediscover your new identity in a new place

  • Feel more confident in a new place and language

  • Increase self-esteem and self-knowledge

  • Recognize your strengths and potential

  • Be more assertive in making decisions

  • Improve your relationships and/or family transition

  • Break down any limiting beliefs

  • Create a new life balance


Career Coaching

For those seeking new work opportunities abroad, we provide career guidance and help with discovering the next chapter of your professional life. This framework combines your background with the new dreams your may have for your life, helping you to:

  • Explore professional possibilities

  • Clarify the next steps in their professional lives

  • Design your elevator pitch

  • Build your new resume

  • Create your LinkedIn profile


Leadership Coaching

Focuses on the specific challenges related to relocation. It’s an opportunity to develop your global leadership capabilities as well as support and guide your career development by leveraging your expatriate experience and responsibilities. This program is for those who relocated to a new place, are committed to their personal and professional development and want to:

  • Be in alignment with your leadership strengths

  • Identify personal and professional goals for the assignment

  • Manage cross-cultural dynamics

  • Develop your global leadership skills

  • Maximize your potential in the international assignment

  • Create a transition plan, taking actionable steps toward your success