Changes, especially for expatriates, can create challenges in your personal and professional lives. 

The support of a Coach is essential in this time of transition, to bring an awareness of your strengths, inner growth and finding life balance while living abroad away from your home country. 


Personal Coaching

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Supporting you to be more confident and create a balance and fulfilled life abroad. 

Career Coaching


Explore and discover your next career opportunity abroad.

Leadership Coaching


Develop your leadership skills to enhance in your career in a multicultural workplace.


Personal coaching for Expatriates


Designed to support you through this transition, to give you direction, establishing goals and to give you the focus you need to:

  • Rediscover your new identity in a new place

  • Feel more confident in a new place and language

  • Increase self-esteem and self-knowledge

  • Recognize your strengths and potential

  • Be more assertive in making decisions

  • Improve your relationships and/or family transition

  • Break down any limiting beliefs

  • Create a new life balance



Career coaching for Expatriates


For those also looking for new work opportunities abroad, providing career guidance and helping you discover the next chapter of your professional life. This framework combines your background with the new dreams your may have for your life, helping you to:

  • Explore professional possibilities
  • Clarify the next steps in their professional lives
  • Design your elevator pitch
  • Build your new resume
  • Create your LinkedIn profile


Leadership Coaching for Expatriates


Focuses on the specific challenges related to relocation. It’s an opportunity to develop your global leadership capabilities as well as support and guide your career development by leveraging your expatriate experience and responsibilities. This program is for those who relocated in a new place, are committed to their personal and professional development and want to:

  • Be in alignment with your leadership strengths
  • Identify personal and professional goals for the assignment
  • Manage cross-cultural dynamics
  • Develop your global leadership skills
  • Maximize your potential in the international assignment
  • Create a transition plan, taking actionable steps toward your success

Andrea has been an absolute treasure to me! She puts her heart in everything she does. Andrea stands out as one of the most passionate and innovative people I’ve worked with. She’s intuitive, glows with positive energy, using her skills as a creative problem solver and inspiring woman around her. Her balanced perspective of deep experience living abroad and evidence-based discovery make her a rare practitioner. She cares so deeply for her clients as people, holds them as resourceful and strong and wants nothing but the best for them. She emerges herself in process and delivers results with high energy and great dedication to the job. She was an inspiration to work with. I have no doubt that she’ll be a huge asset to any company or client. I would highly recommend Andrea as a life coach and as a senior executive in the HR space.