It's time to step up

For so many years I’ve been coaching brilliant women from different cultures and nationalities, all of them are smart, passionate, courageous and determined in their lives. They are so unique with their personalities and life experiences, and so similar at the same time. Most of the time, they don’t see their brilliance, they don’t see themselves as they really are, getting stuck in their stories believing that they aren’t ready or aren’t good enough to believe in their dream and to take a next step in their lives. 

Think about yourself as a LEADER, a leader of your own life. Someone who takes responsibilities for your own actions to create the life you want for yourself and the people you care about. Leadership starts within, creating self-awareness, knowing who you REALLY are, feeling grounded and confident regardless of where you are. A leader is a woman who allows her own voice to guide her life and the lives of those she cares about.


Here are four main principles for embracing who you are and step boldly in your life:


Discover Yourself

Be aware of who you are in your core is the key to start creating the life you want for yourself. It guides us to become more authentic to ourselves and align us to understand what is truly important in our lives. 

Discover you Story

Become the protagonist of your own story, discovering your purpose and creating a vision of what you want to create for yourself. Knowing your “why”, makes you feel more empowered and fulfilled with yourself. 

Discover your Super Power

Become stronger than your “gremlins” and discover how to get rid of what are holding you back to play and dream big in your life and career. 

Discover your next steps

Create your ‘road map” to design your next steps to achieve your goals, and taking actions to create a balanced and fulfilled life on yourself

This is the opportunity for you to find your authentic voice, achieve your goals and seek more fulfillment in life and work. WOMEN ABROAD LEADERSHIP PROGRAM, has the purpose to support you to become the best version of yourself, creating collective support within a safe space to be open, share your true feelings, unblock your barriers and to redesign your story. Also, this is an opportunity to focus on setting your own personal goals, be accountable, and lead your own growth and success. Coaching tools and printed materials will be provided to help you find your own answer and to transform your goals into measurable actions. 

Andrea F.