If you could recreate yourself, what would you do differently?

Imagine you are getting into a rocket ship, you are on your way to explore a new planet in the universe. You arrive in this new place, and notice that their habitants look similar to you. They all look so similar and different at the same. You start to explore and realize that their way of communicating, behaving, and thinking are totally different than yours. It’s a fine planet in every way, but you feel lost, disoriented. Everything is new and different, things that you used to do back at home, are now a big challenge, you feel so anxious and frustrated.

This was exactly how I felt the first time that I moved to a new country, the feeling of not belonging was so deep inside of me, I was trying so hard to adapt but I was feeling insecure. I started to be the person that I thought I was supposed to be, forgetting the person that I am.

After I moved to another country, I needed to recreate my life in a new place again, with a new culture and language.  It was at that time that I realized that in order to create the life that I wanted for myself, I needed to discover who I was in my core. True belonging is not about fitting in, it’s required to be who you are, being authentic to yourselves and honoring your values.  

The support of a Coach is essential in this time of transition, to bring an awareness of your strengths, promote inner growth and finding life balance while living abroad. Like having a tour guide when you visit a new place, Coaching helps by giving you the roadmap necessary to redesign your life and become the best version of yourself regardless of where you live or work.

“True belonging doesn’t require us to change who we are, it requires us to be who we are”

Brene Brown

Destination You Coaching is here to support you in three aspects of your transition abroad,

so that you live a successful and meaningful life wherever you are.

Choose the Road Map to your Destination and start your transformation journey.