Take a pause... and live your best life.

In a world that is going always faster, where information and communication
between us are always fast, and short using social media and text messages,
when people continue to work with their cell phones even when they are out
of office or in vacation, our lives became slaves of this society that always
want to have more and to be more. 
Where are we going in this direction ? 

We, as human beings, are forgetting that our strengths as exactly in our
relationships, in our ways to communicate and relate with others. In a society
that are always connected with their technology, people are losing the way to
communicate with others, to connect, to share and especially how to be with
We need to STOP and PAUSE, look around and see what we have around us.
Give ourselves a break is essential to live better our lives, to recharge and to
reconnect with ourselves. After living in 3 different countries, I noticed that
people enjoy their "pause" in so many different ways, For example,
Europeans are famous for having a long vacations, so all year long, they are
planning where will be the next trip. Brazilian people love being connected
with other people, family and friends, for them, their moment to pause and to
enjoy, is being with people for a barbecue, for a long lunch that become a
dinner, all family and friends together. Americans, for example, love to be
with themselves or just a few friends in their moment to pause. They go to
yoga, golf, meditation, running, any kind of sport. 
Lisen Stromberg, in her book, Work Pause Thrive - how to pause for
parenthood without killing your career, Lisen met many highly successful
women that had temporarily paused their career because of their family,
expatriation and many other reasons, and relaunched themselves in the most
powerful ways. She said that the women that paused feel more empowered
and courageous to relaunching in their careers because they had no regrets. 
It's time to live our lives in the best way we can, finding our life balancing
and being fulfilled and grateful with what we have. Focusing in what is

important for each one of us, not comparing ourselves with others, being
grounded in what is true for us and becoming the best version of yourself. 
Take a pause today, could be just five minutes, look around, take a deep
breath and create the life that you want to live.

Andrea F.