Overcoming The Process Of Change

As you know, change is not an easy process, especially when it comes to
moving to another country. When you are living a process of change in
our life, you face several obstacles, many of them you cannot control,
but there is one that you can control, it's our limiting beliefs. The
limiting beliefs prevent you from realizing your dreams and goals, when
the fear of change is bigger than the willing to change.
The fear of change has its origin in your limiting beliefs, which you
incorporate throughout our existence. For some reason, often in your
childhood, you have acquired a false belief about yourselves for
something that has happened in your lives. For example, someone has
said something about you or you heard something about yourself, and for these and other reasons you come to believe that you are not good
enough or not talented enough, and you get stuck to pursue your goals
and dreams. The will to change is actually willingness to express your
full potential, you know that you are capable and can do much more than
you are today, but your beliefs created by the unknown cause fear.
In order to live better your life, you have to smash your own limitins
beliefs and live your best self. This simple habits will help you with it:

1. Identify what limits you are talking to yourself.
Negative thoughts come when you are facing a difficult time, and being
more vulnerable, such as: I cannot speak English, I have no experience, I
do not have time, or I won't get a job. Start identifying what you are
telling to yourself, what are the limits that you are telling to yourself.
Let's start to change how you talk to yourselves, and make affirmative
statements about yourselves.

2 Ask yourself, is this really true?
Let's begin to distinguish how much something is truth and it's
something that your mind is creating. You are constantly bombarded
with many information, about you show up or being successful. Often
these pressures from society make you feel less confident and less self
esteem. Be clear whether this is really true or whether we are creating
something that doesn't exist.

3 Change your mindset and live a full life                                                                                Identifying and understanding limiting beliefs can help you to move away from what is holding you back and step out of your comfortable
zone to follow your dreams and goals. The work of self-knowledge is
the essential key in this process, being aware of your talents,
potentialities and values, makes you identify your true self,
reestablishing your strengths, self-love and trust with yourself. When
you are empowered and happy, your life begins to take on a different
meaning and opportunities will begin to emerge.
Be gentle with yourself, respect your path and your time. Remember that
if something went wrong, it does not define who you are, but it means
you are learning and growing. The experience of living in a new country
is unique and very special, live it intensely.

Andrea F.