Finding Meaning in Your Expat Experience

As a Coach, I support women from different nationalities that are living a
transition moment of their lives. Most of them are expatriates, they moved
with their families to a new country to start a new life. This is an important
decision for all members of the family and of course, they valued the benefits
of it for all of them. Usually, the husband is the one who had an opportunity
in his company to work abroad and most of the times, the women had to quit
their jobs to follow their partners. 
This exactly what happened with me five years ago and this is why I am so
passionate to support and to help women that are living the same experience
than me. After I moved to the United States with my family and had to leave
my twelve years of experience in Human Resource in Italy, I was happy to
enjoy a moment with my kids and have more time for me. I loved meeting

new people, hanging out of coffee and lunches, going to the English classes
and visiting new places. 
After a while, a little voice inside of my head was telling me: “I want more
for me here, I want to have a meaningful experience here.” At that time, I
hired a Coach to help me to understand what would be possible for me here
in my personal and professional journey. After a few sessions, I told her that I
wanted to be a coach like her and she said that since we met her intuition told
her that I would be a great coach. 
Coaching Expatriate Women became my work, my passion, and my purpose.
Our life purpose is not just about vocational, it’s about who are you being in
the world, why you are here for. I am so proud of my clients that decided to
make a difference in their lives, saying to themselves that they didn’t want to
live two, three or more years waiting to go back to their countries, but they
wanted more for themselves, they wanted to make every day count. 
Our lives are what happen today, at this moment, don’t wait for tomorrow or
one day what you could realize now. Living abroad is a unique experience,
live it in a meaningful way!

With love,

Andrea Fleischfresser

Andrea F.