Discover Your New Identity Abroad

When you move to a new country, you are faced numerous new
challenges in your daily life trying to adapt to a new life with a
different culture and language.
What was once simple and routine, now becomes more complex, such as
going to the supermarket, or to a doctor’s appointment. I am sure that
many of you have already faced this kind of situation, making you feel
inadequate within yourselves and the new reality.
Moving to a new country is not just something physical, where we will
physically move from one place to another. This is an internal process, where we have to create a new personal and professional identity.
Since you were born, your identity is related to your family and culture,
starting with your first and last names. Over the years, your identity is
becoming stronger in your personality and way of living. Your identity
is directly related to the society where , your friendships, school and the
sport you practiced. In short, your identity as a person is directly related
to the reality around you.
The feeling of not belonging in the new reality is something very
common in the beginning of the adaptation in a new country. You
cannot relate to a profession, being the employee of that specific
organization, a relative or a friend of someone else anymore. You are no
longer identified as something external to you, but now your identity
will only depend on who you are: your values and beliefs, your
strengths and weaknesses, what makes you unique and special in this
world. The true belonging is really within you, in your strength,
courage, and determination to be who you really are, being authentic and
true to yourselves.
The process of self-knowledge is the key to a more fulfilled and
balanced life. The better we know ourselves, and accept who we really
are, our imperfections and uniqueness, the more we feel grounded and
confident in ourselves. There are many ways that you can explore to find
your true belonging, each one of us is unique and special human being.
You could start by asking yourself and reflecting: “What is really
important to me? What makes me feel unique and authentic? What do I
really want in my life?” Remember that the answers are all within you, we need only take a moment to listen to them and find your own answers.

Andrea F.