A New Career Abroad

As a Coach, I work with women from different nationalities, supporting them
in their transitional moments and to have a meaningful and authentic life
abroad. Most of them moved to a new country with their families following a
new opportunity for their spouse, and for that reason, they had to quit their
job and careers in their countries.
In this new process of adapting in a new place, it’s very common to feel out
of place with this new reality, especially when they are used to work and
being active in their lives. Almost everyone who lives in a foreign country
feels this way at some time, your mind is feeling overwhelmed dealing with

new and different things in your daily life, you may feel lonely and confused.
You may also feel low confidence and self-esteem, because of the language
or even because you are not feeling productive as before. 
For most of them, it’s important to find their new professional journey in this
new country, to feel more active, fulfilled with themselves. This was exactly
what happened with me, after twelve years in Italy working in the Human
Resource department in Italy, I moved to Michigan, with my family because
of my husband job, after the first year when I was improving my English and
adapting in this country, I started to looking around for a new career
opportunity, and after a few sessions with a Coach, I decided to start a new
profession path, starting to study to become a Life Coach. 
Working in a new country as a foreign is possible, even if you are staying
temporarily, here some steps to find your new career opportunity abroad:

1. Discover yourself
If you would like to find a job or to start to study again to follow a new
career, the first step is to know your talents, skills and especially your
strengths. Remember when you used to work in your country, where are the
things that made you more excited about your work, what are the things that
are natural for you to do and also what are others that you don’t feel
comfortable about it. It’s important to have a clear understanding about
yourself to write your resume, to go to a job interview or also to choose what
would you like to do differently.

2. Follow your values                                                                                                                           In the process of starting your professional life, it’s important that what and
where you will choose for yourself will follow who you are. Values represent
your unique and individual essence, living true to your values is a way of
being that you hold the most important in your life. When you live in
alignment with your values, your life is clear, good and fulfilling. Our values
serve as a compass pointing out what it means to be true to oneself when
you’re honoring your values, it’s not always comfortable, it’s just right.

3. Networking
Another important process to start a new personal and professional life is to
connect with different and new people. Here in Michigan, for example, there
are so many networking events, for example, women that would like to
relaunch in their careers, organizations for newcomers and expats,
associations in your area, Toastmasters events, and many others. What is
important here is to create connection and to communicate with people in
your area and also people who could support you to find a new professional
opportunity. It’s incredible how many people are willing to help and to
support others, the only thing that you have to do is to go to meet them and
ask them for their support.

4.  Remember your multi-cultural background
Living abroad and having a multicultural experience give you a differential
when you’re looking for a job or also for a new career opportunity. Whatever
you will decide to do, bring with yourself your background, your culture and
experiences, these make you unique and add a new and special value in your next opportunity. People who have an international experience adapt easily in
a new place, is more resilience and also are willing to try new things.

5. Some practical advice
The last and the not the least thing, in order to start working, studying or even
volunteering, it’s important that you speak well the language of the country
that you’re living. It doesn’t mean that you need to be perfect and talk as a
local person, remember that you will always have your accent, it’s important
that you can communicate with others and feel comfortable with the
language. Also, for anyone who is looking for a job, remember to prepare a
good resume using the style that is using nowadays, don’t keep adding to
your old resume, and also a cover letter with some details about yourself and
the organization that you’re sending it. 
The world is full of incredible opportunities for each one of us, every
experience is unique, so live them fully, believing that the right path will be
there for you.

Andrea F.