New Place, New Career: Discover a New Career after Relocating

New Place, New Career: Ways to Discover a New Career after Relocating

Moving to a new place can be disorienting. It’s easy to spiral down a rabbit hole of self-doubt, wondering what exactly you have to offer now that life as you knew it has changed. Relocating, however, can be the perfect opportunity to start fresh. Whether you know exactly what you want to do or have no clue what your next move should be, there are several ways to get started. Use this list as your guide to get focused and motivated:

-Get involved.Use the nearest community centers, libraries, the chamber of commerce, and the internet to find networking groups, meet-up groups, women’s professional groups, support groups, the local young professionals, and others! Meet people face-to-face for inspiration and guidance.

-Dive into social media.Take your internet research a step further by combing social media for local resources. You’ll find people worth meeting, places to discover, groups to join, and events to attend, all by searching for your city on various platforms. When you post, use relevant hashtags so that locals can also find you and connect! 

-Use LinkedIn to gain real-world, professional connections and Indeed to get work now.If you need a job, like, yesterday, head to and find who is hiring in your area. Even if you don’t need a job, getting one will certainly sharpen your skills and build your resume. LinkedIn is a valuable tool to meet professionals in your zip code. Type in the name of your city and connect with potential mentors that can steer you in the right direction. 

-Take a class, or go back to school for a new degree altogether. You can take foreign language classes, computer classes, art classes and much more at local community centers and technical centers. Whether you do it for fun or because you need the information, learning something new and making friends are both invaluable at this time in your life. You might even find a way to teach something you already know! Or, go to a community college or university and start working toward the degree you’ve always wanted or add to an existing one. If not now, when?

-Last but not least, get clear on your goals with the help of a coach.Emotions and stress can lead us to make rash decisions, to undervalue ourselves, and to alter our perceptions. Working with a coach can give you clarity and confidence about who you are and what your next steps abroad should be. Andrea can help open your eyes to all of the possibilities that await you. 

Destination You Coaching supports expats in their personal and professional transitions abroad. Let Andrea help you  to determine and achieve your goals, and to create a meaningful and purposeful life abroad.

Andrea F.